1.  Don't want to answer that tenant call at 2:00 AM?  Let us take the calls for you!

2.  Let our maintenance team take care of tenant service calls, lawns, snow removal.

3.  Let us work through the Section 8 process and set up direct deposit of rent

4.  Do you know the penalities for failing to comply with the most recent lead-based paint regulations?

5.  We understand the Fair Housing and Equal Rights Acts so there will be no danger of noncompliance.

6.  We know the tenant-landlord rules so you won't break them.  We have a  trained Property Management Specialist on staff who knows the codes for  relations between landlords and tenants.

7.  Setting the right rent by knowing the most updated market  statistics.  Let us set the right rent for you so you can maximize your  profits.

8.  We screen your tenants with credit and criminal background checks.   Our professional staff takes care of everything from placing tenants in  your units to collecting rents, handling tenant service calls, and  evictions.

9.  No landlord enjoys taking care of late rent or the eviction process  if it becomes necessary.  We'll do that for you.  We have a professional  collections expert on staff to help get the rent on time, and a lawyer  to help with legal concerns.

10.  You can relax and leave the work to us!  ERA Snyder & Snyder  provides full-service property management assistance to landlords in  Summit County.